“Nowaste” is manufactured on the basis of the technological invention by our Managing Director, Dr. Kabeersha under the name and style “CORT” (Controlled Oxygen Rotating Technology) patented by Copyright Office, Govt. of India. Patent No: L-48657/2013 Dated 30-04-2013.

The utility value of “Nowaste” in the market is due to its intrinsic quality, reliability, long life and extensive advertisement. Within a short period since “ Nowaste” was commercially marketed in 2012, it acquired an invaluable goodwill and reputation and the same is distinctive with our clients.


“Nowaste” is the unique product of STEELTECH CORT SOLUTION (P) LTD, an ISO 14001: 2004 & ISO 9001: 2008 Certified Company with its principal business place at Calicut. The Company is headed by Dr. Kabeersha and 100 plus Engineers and experts are working under his master brain. We have sophisticated machinery with all mod cons in our factories and all components of the equipment are manufactured and tested here under skilled supervision and quality control.


Each ‘NOWASTE’ unit is installed only after assessing the proposed spot and its surroundings. Our technician will visit evaluate diverse factors like nature and volume of waste, climatic aspects, elevation of the building and that of the adjacent buildings, technique of erection-mechanized or manual etc.,

We have skilled experts capable to handle heavy duty erection preserving all relevant safety procedures and standards. We have our own trucks for shipment allover India and all fractions of the installation process are carried out by the Company directly and no second party involvement is entertained at any instance.


Every NOWASTE unit is supplied with 2-year onsite replacement warranty. As part of the warranty the following amenities are provided to the customer for unperturbed operation.


We have a team of gifted industrial scientists tasked with applied research in technological fields to facilitate product development. They implement, study efficacy and worthiness, theorize, explore, clarify, design, develop, synthesize and test innovative ideas to make “nowaste” a total fuel free and environmental solution for waste management.

Air pollution Control device, steam and hot water boiler attachment, and residue management systems are some among the contributions of our R&D department.


We use the precise material for manufacturing each unit. The specification and measurement of each component is inscribed in our quotation and can be evaluated at any stage of its installation.

Our quality control division will never compromise with manufacturing perfection and material quality. We use only corrosion free steel pipes with high thermal resistivity, premium quality refractory and other thermal insulations. No wonder we still provide onsite replacement warranty for 2 consecutive years.


Major public / private sector establishments are using ‘NOWASTE’ for their waste management all over India. Our vast clients from different sectors like Hotels, hospitals, educational institutions, shopping malls, industries, community health centers, flats, villas, residential colonies, LSCDs, Railway stations, bus stands are fully satisfied and are suggesting the system to their counterparts.

“Nowaste” was commercially marketed in 2011 and by 2015, we have 1400 plus customers in India. This include Public sector establishments like Municipalities, Local self Govt. bodies, Medical Colleges, District, Taluk hospitals, Community Health Centers, Railway Stations, KTDC, KTDFC, TNPL, PRESS CLUB, Primary Health Centers, Schools etc and private sector establishments like Hospitals, industries, apartments, Schools & colleges, Markets etc.


Customized Designs

Nowaste range of solid waste disposal system which can be custom-built according to specific requirements. The service involves instillation, commissioning, servicing and training with ‘on the field’ support. Dedicated to waste management Nowaste is manned by some of the best engineers in the incinerators manufacturing arena. Along with our field staff who are all dedicated to quality and professionalism with a commitment to deliver the efficient waste management system.

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